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My name is Emilia Poyiadgi and I study Games Design and Art at the University of Southampton, Winchester School of Art. I have a passion for Art and Design as well as Gaming, Virtual Reality and Games for Change.

Where to find things?

This website consists of weekly documentation split into 4 main project 'phases'. As well as a series of blog posts written to reflect upon

'Professional Contexts'. Research links and sources are always linked, highlighted and underlined in pink!

(I also have a sketchbook to support my website!)


Within each phase you will find the following:

Project Brief

An outline of the Project Proposal brief and a summary of what each Phase entails.

Phase 1

Phase 1 consists of my research into 4 starting points. This section contains specific research, my presentation and a reflection of the overall phase.

Phase 2

Phase 2 outlines my reasoning for my chosen topic area. This phase contains in-depth research regarding Music Psychology including surveys, my final presentation and an overall reflection.

Phase 3

In Phase 3 I begin ideation and more research into relevant themes. This also includes my Project Goals, Essential Experience, User Research and Prototyping. Here you can find the basis of my project, my reason for teaming up and a presentation demonstrating our 3 distinct game ideas.

Phase 4

Phase 4 is the final phase of this project, where I establish different possibilities for visual appearance, interactions and gameplay

as well as a finalised Project Proposal.

Extra Research

This section consists of extra research into areas to familiarise myself with Design techniques, methods and processes.

Rules of Games Design

Consists of brief note taking and a summary of Game Design rules.

Player Agency & UX

Contains research to remind myself of the importance of Player Agency and ways to apply this to my current Project Proposal. I also briefly covered Player Experience and Engagement.

Inclusive Design

This page includes research into how I can design more inclusively, taking into consideration all forms of human difference.

Game Analysis

This page is documentation of existing Games which I have reviewed in order to inspire the design of my own.

Considerations in Design

Research to understand how Games Designers can think about ethical, social and environmental factors in design.

Professional Contexts Module

My Blog consists of 4 reflective posts regarding Industry opportunities and what I have learned from the different guest speakers this Semester:

Professional Contexts



My Notion

My week-by-week documentation of Workshops, Lectures and Guest Talks.



My Project Proposal

Mine and Kiera Walton's Project Proposal for our current project:

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